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The Heat of This Moment

My book-in-the-works: Today, the Earth is hotter than it’s ever been since the beginning of human civilization. And scientists say that with greenhouse emissions rising, more warming is on the way. In The Heat of This Moment, journalist Sara Peach examines how global warming will shape the lives of ordinary Americans, threatening their diets, health, jobs, safety, and even their vacations. She takes readers along with her on a journey to places she calls “climate windows” — a neighborhood in Virginia that’s already flooding from rising sea levels, a Texas community that suffered a deadly heat wave, farms in California stressed by unprecedented drought, and more — that offer a preview of what’s in store for all of us. Drawing on the most credible research on global warming and its consequences, she paints a picture of how a change in the climate will affect you and your family in the near future. Follow the journey.

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