I’m an environmental journalist with a special interest in new media. I regularly write, shoot video and tweet about the environment, and I know my way around tools like Tumblr, Storify and WordPress as well.

My goal is to use new techniques and old to engage audiences in environmental issues. That requires facility with mobile devices, social media and multimedia, but also the ability to find stories that surprise or delight the audience – also known as plain old good storytelling.

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Field Notes On Storytelling For Mobile Devices
By Sara Peach and the staff of the Reese News Lab

Published by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel, this pioneering e-book offers tips for journalists on adapting to the new generation of mobile news consumers. With chapters on how to write, create videos, and design graphics and interactive tools for mobile devices, this book is your guide to engaging 21st-century audiences.

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