Sea level rise: A new frontier for climate controversy

“Some citizens view sea level rise as a hoax and are combing peer-reviewed literature and arguments from websites skeptical of climate change to make their case. Others are turning out to public meetings to oppose plans for sea level rise. A few even worry that planners are dupes of a United Nations or ‘one-world’ plot.”

As the seas rise, averting disaster won’t be as simple as organizing an orderly retreat. Read the rest in my new story for The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media.

  1. Tom Moriarty
    Tom MoriartyFebruary 3,12

    The most commonly quoted sea level rise projection for the 21st century is from Vermeer and Rahmstorf (PNAS, 2009). They relied on 20th century sea level data from Church and White (Geophysical Research Letters, 2006). Church and White built their sea level data from the tide gauge data at the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL).

    You can see the entire set of PSMSL tide gauge data, set to music no less, here…

    It is a fun way to look for sea level rise acceleration.

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